Imagine a society where people trusted one another, where people trusted corporates and institutions and where corporates/institutions trusted people

  • How much safer would we feel
  • How simple would it be to interact

Wouldn’t this be a much better place to live and do business?


Trusted Society QuotesA firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or somethingTrusted Society Quotes

  • Why is trust so important (personally and in business)
  • Who do we trust and what does in mean in differing circumstances
  • How much of how we behave, what we do, how we govern is due to the fact that we do not, or may not, trust people, other corporates, government or government departments, recorded transactions etc. etc.

How much time, money, resource, effort etc. are we spending personally and in business on the fact that we may not trust the person or business, we are dealing with.

How much more comfortable and safer would we feel if we knew we could trust those we interact with?

Who hurts most from this lack of trust?

Our Objective

Our objective and goal is to promote and support initiatives, programmes, corporates and individuals who are engaged in activities that will lead to the general public having control over a “trusted digital identity” (self-sovereign identity) that enables them to share chosen aspects of that identity in personal, social and business situations, making it easier and safer to interact with other parties.

With years of experience dealing with large corporations across many industries and holding various roles from the developer through to CEO, we have the experience, energy and desire to work with like-minded individuals to deliver on a global digital identity capability.

Why are we doing this?

Because we believe it is the right thing to do.

The Problem

  • Currently our Identities are not secure
  • In an ever increasing digital society, as we utilise more digital services, the risk of identify theft increases
  • Organisations spend large sums validating and trying to protect our personal data (which in the long run we pay for, but do not control)
  • Our data remains on corporate databases long after we have ended our relationship
  • Although we have only one true identity, we end up with a multitude of digital identities and have to go through the painful process of proving who we are over and over

We should be able to use our identity in a way that makes us (and ours) safer without increased risk each time we use it.

In a Trusted Society

  • Young and old do not need to fear whether they are dealing with individuals they can trust
  • Guardians can be sure children are interacting with safe individuals and accessing appropriate content
  • The right people will have correct and easy access to the right public and private services
  • My personal credentials can be certified, will be easy to access and easy to share
  • My identity or personal data is secure and accessible no matter where I go
  • I can determine the trustworthiness of newsfeeds and information I receive online
  • The cost of identifying and verifying personal data will be significantly reduced and onboarding new clients will be far more effective
  • Personal data can be shared without the need for the corporate to store all of this information in corporate databases that are at risk of being hacked – leading to potential reputational and financial damage to the organisation
  • Services can be delivered more effectively and new services developed once a national digital identification scheme gets launched and attains high coverage across Ireland (initial pilot) – this can work n tandem with current ID systems

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